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Mary Kay Classic Basic Skin Care Makes you feel great every day! From cleanser, freshener, mask, moisturizer to foundation which are formulated to work together as a great daily skin care program to deliver optimum skin care results. And each product comes in a formula designed to give you the younger, smoother, healthier looking skin that you were born with!

Mary Kay Classic Basic Skin Care:

Step 1: Cleanser

The first step to having beautiful skin is cleansing. Each Mary Kay cleansing formula removes makeup, surface oil and impurities thoroughly and gently. It helps maintain the moisture balance that's right for your skin.  
  • Gentle Cleansing Cream Formula 1 (dry skin) Creamy Cleanser Formula 2 (normal / combination skin)
  • Deep Cleanser Formula 3 (oily skin)

Step 2: Exfoliate

Twice a week using Mary Kay mask to gently remove dead skin cells which help to improve your skin's texture, refine the appearance of pones.
  • Moisture Rich Mask Formula 1 (dry / normal skin)
  • Revitalizing Mask Formula 2 (combination / oily skin)
  • Clarifying Mask Formula 3 (blemish-prone skin)

Step 3: Freshener

Freshener removes any traces of cleansing products, restores the skin's PH balance and prepares skin for the moisture balance step. Fresheners tone, soften and condition the skin while promoting radiant and fine texture skin.
  • Hydrating Freshener Formula 1 (dry / normal skin)
  • Purifying Freshener Formula 2 (normal, combination / oily skin)

Step 4: Moisture Balance

Specially formulated moisturizers help your skin maintain an optimum moisture balance while protecting it from environmentally caused dryness. It helps protect against natural moisture loss and give your complexion a soft, smooth and conditioned look. Oil control lotion hydrates and conditions dry areas and absorbs excess oil in other areas.
  • Enriched Moisturizer Formula 1 (dry skin)
  • Balancing Moisturizer Formula 2 (normal / combination skin)
  • Oil Control Lotion Formula 3 (oily skin)

Step 5: Protection

The final step of the skin care program should always apply sun protector and foundation. To protect your face from the damages of environment. Helps evens skin tone and give you a perfect finish.


Sun Protector SPF 20/PA++ (all skin types)
Consisting of natural plant extracts with fine and light texture is also suitable for eye area. Imported from Japan.

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E-mail Me to Order!

Regular Line Timewise Skincare Line
  • Customized skin care for All Skin Types.
  • Careful Consideration for Sensitive Skin!


2-way Cake - 2 shades
  • Day Radiance Powdery Foundation SPF20/PA++(all skin types)

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